What can you do with an iColor® Digital Color + White Transfer Media Printer?

Create Tshirts, aprons, tote bags, mousepads and more with white effects and a white underprint. Print labels on white, black or clear media with a white underprint. Privately brand labels of all shapes and sizes for food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Produce stationary, menus, coasters, catalogs, brochures, invitations, envelopes and banners...Stickers, products tags, door hangers, point of sale signage, promotional material and much, much more!

iColor 300 Series Digital Color Transfer Media Printers

The iColor® 300 series of Digital Color + White Transfer Media Printers a collection of LED heat-transfer printers that give you the ability to print on a variety of media and achieve the same rich, exact results whether you need to print 1 or 1,000. More than just a textile printer; the iColor® 300 series is the lowest-cost heat transfer solution for producing white and florescent printing on the market. Small businesses, groups, and clubs no longer need to outsource work or turn away business based on the size of an order.

iColor 550 Digital Color + White Transfer Media Printer

The Uninet IColor 550 was engineered to accomplish both transfer and non-transfer applications without the need for your business to purchase separate printers to accomplish each function. You get both, extreme versatility and heavyweight performance just by swapping back and forth between conventional and specialty cartridges. The IColor 550 will deliver professional and high-quality image reproduction right off the cuff. You also have the option to upgrade to Uninet’s IColor Specialty Toner Kits for enhanced printing capabilities.

iColor 800W Production Digital Color + White Transfer Media Printer

Meet the new standard for medium to high-volume digital production of apparel and hard surface products with the lowest cost of ownership and most brilliant color reproduction in the industry. Built-in state-of-the-art color management technology with a color gamut delivering up to 50% more colors than competing printer models with print speeds up to 44 pages per minute! A true on-demand digital transfer production tool, and the first interactive toner-based digital color + white transfer printer with a Smart Tablet and built-in speaker including on-demand support, videos, and documents. Exceptional 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution providing a broad range of image quality to meet any need. That means the most opaque and brightest whites, as well as the truest composite blacks available today! Forget about expensive 5 station machines, the iColor 800W is a better value at a lower price and comes standard with the iColor ProRIP software.

UniNet iColor SmartCUT Insight Video

UniNet iColor SmartCUT Software - Now you can print oversized images on letter or A4 sized printers quickly and easily. Unlike tiled or overlapped images, SmartCUT ensures that the seam is invisible on the final product. SmartCUT intelligently splits your oversized image, into 2, 3 or more pieces which can be reassembled in a seamless fashion onto your garment or substrate. Create large, multicolor designs without the need for a tabloid or A3 sized printer!

Uninet Absolute White Toner

Not quite ready to jump into a Uninet white toner printer? Turn your home printer into a solution for print crisp and striking solid white designs onto dark colored textiles and hard surfaces. If you can snap your fingers, you can Absolute White Toner. As simple as that. Just remove the black toner cartridge from your home printer, replace it with an Absolute White Toner cartridge and you are good to go. It doesn’t take a wizard to effortlessly print white graphics onto any dark-colored substrate, textile or hard surface products with Absolute White Toner.

Why Do I Need White Toner For Digital Printing

Find out why white toner is required for all digital transfers onto textiles and hard surfaces, not matter the color of the substrate.